My UnFriended movie review!

I want to preface this Unfriended movie review with a recommendation. This movie is a lot better on a big screen. After watching in the theater and then seeing it again later at home on a smaller screen - it just wasn't the same. Just some food for thought! Oh, as a side note I can't wait to see Jeepers Creepers 3 and I am really hoping they put out another Saw movie, just saying 😉 !

I just arrived home from seeing the new movie Unfriended, just released to theaters here in Arizona today, April 17, 2015.

The commercials for this movie pulled me in – just like most movies. Honestly I have resisted the urge to see new “horror or scary” movies of late. I find myself often disappointed, but I figured I would give this one a chance. I mean there are very few actual R rated horror films anymore – so that was at least on refreshing aspect.

If I were grading this move on a letter scale A through F then I would probably give it a C. The cinematography seems really simple and very cost effective. I’m sure it didn’t cost too much to make this film. I’m not going to talk disparagingly about that. It’s actually a different way to film a movie and some movies have shown us that it’s okay to film outside of the box if you will. Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity series are both good examples of unique or less used cinematography – if that’s what you call it.

I really like the story. The story to me is about seemingly “good” people (at least they thought so) getting what they had coming to them or at least it can be interpreted that way. The root of the story is a young lady who commits suicide over a video of herself that gets posted on social media by her “friends”. I’m here to tell you that a real friend would never do that! Sharing an embarrassing moment between close friends is one thing, sharing it with the world is quite another; especially in this day and age of sharing on every form of social media – everyone looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, fortune or semblance of notoriety.

Unfriended takes place on the anniversary of this young lady’s suicide and her closest “friends” start getting killed one by one over a video chat. Nice, inventive and somewhat fresh. The truth or hand they all had in hurting their “friend” is revealed throughout the movie. Honestly and maybe morbidly, I thought the movie was as funny as it was scary, if not more funny. I enjoy seeing mean people get what they deserve! Of course the scream queen (exceptionally attractive) was the last one to die. I thought for a few moments she was actually going to make it but not so much.

My recommendation is to wait for this movie on DVD or if you’re that compelled to see it in the theater then go to a matinee showing, don’t pay full price. Good horror or scary movies are really hard to come by these days but seeing mean people get their due never gets old. It’s worth seeing just for that alone.

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