Grimm - I will miss you very much!

In this day and age it's hard for me to find TV shows that really tickle my fancy. Grimm was one of the shows for me!

I loved the X-Files which I can still watch, I loved Fringe, wish I could still watch it and I loved Grimm. Granted the story did start getting somewhat rhetorical and it was probably time to end the series but I will miss it nonetheless.

I appreciate the writers and creators of the show. It was very entertaining and a show I can certainly watch all over again in the future. It seemed to me that the end of this series may have foreshadowed a possible future series. I guess we shall see. Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone and everyone ever involved with the TV show Grimm. I sincerely appreciate and applaud your efforts. Thank you again, for a memorable and enjoyable TV series. God bless!

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